How to Be a Medical Expert Witness

We are going to explain the part a medical expert witness play in clinical negligence cases and other situations if you are considering taking up such a role. Most of the negligence cases will need high quality expert evidence and this is why it is crucial for the process. If you are looking for a role as an expert witness, you are going to expand your knowledge base, challenge yourself and get financial reward for it. The primary function of a professional medical expert from is to provide independent opinion to the court. This should help the court make decisions on questions falling within the field of the expert.

For you to be a  Med League expert medical witness, you need to be successful in that field for at least 10 years and have a good reputation. You must also have the relevant skills and knowledge and know the guidelines in carrying out the procedures for you to offer an informed opinion. You should be ready to provide an expert report in a number of settings as well as the extent of the injuries of the patient. It is also possible to be asked if the actions of the doctor were up to standard. If there is failure by the doctor, it will be referred to as breach of duty.

When it comes to writing the report, you must make sure that you have the appropriate qualifications. If it is a report on standard of care, the doctor in question should be in the same discipline you are an expert in. The opinion must be objective, balanced and accurate and not just factual. It is worth noting that these expert reports are going to be used by the solicitors to evaluate the successfulness of the claim. There should be no conflict of interests when working on such cases so as not to affect credibility.

While working on such cases, ensure you are within fairly strict legal framework. Your evidence should be in no way influenced by pressures of litigation. It is also worth noting that there are strict deadlines that the solicitor works with and you must adhere to them. You might be required to attend for several days and make the prior arrangements. If requested to attend court, there are rules in the courtroom you must also adhere to. At any point you feel like you are unable to meet the obligations, you must let the solicitor know.

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